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81 stitches. Once you have learned the foundational knitting techniques of how to cast on, do the knit and purl stitches, and cast off, you need to familiarize yourself with how to add to and reduce the number of stitches you are working with. In this post you will learn 3 basic ways to decrease stitches in your knitting. Knitting Needles: The three types of knitting needles include pin-style needles, double-pointed needles, and circular needles. Knit Stitch : With this most basic knitting stitch, place the left-hand needle in front of the right-hand needle to transfer a stitch.

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3. Slide the right hand needle through both stitches, behind the SSK (Slip, Slip, Knit): The opposite of a K2Tog, this stitch slants to the left rather than the right. In very rare occasions, you may be asked to knit it through the back loops as well (SSK TBL). P2Tog (Purl Two Together): Often worked on the purl row of a pattern, this is a very common decrease and it's easy to do.

Knit 1 row on WS. Row 1 (RS): K2, yo, k2 tog, (yo) twice, SSK, * p1, yo, p2 tog, k1, 

3, R, K6, k2 tog, k1, yo, k2, p1, k2, yo, k1, ssk, k6. Knitting And Crochet. Sock Knitting maria carlander: oktober Knitting Socks, Hand Knitting, Knitted Hats, Knitting Patterns, Oktober tog med sig alla löv. K2 TOG - knit two stitches as if they were one.

2015-aug-18 - Oktober tog med sig alla löv. Lämnade världens grundfärger på betongens grå. Garn : Hjertegarn i färgerna beige "sock 4", gul och or

Tog in knitting

These are some of the most common abbreviations you are likely to find in knitting patterns. There are others, but in most cases where others are used, there will be a key or an explanation somewhere in the pattern as to exactly what the designer wants you to do. The single crochet two together (sc2tog) technique is a great skill to add to your crocheting arsenal.

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फ़ाइल: EPUB, 1.37 MB  The summers most boring knitting - or at least that is how it felt after I had finished the upper lace part. Only stockinette row after row after row,  Decrease Rounds Size Small/Medium and Large. Decrease Rounds Size Extra Large. Rnd 1: [k 8 (9), k2 tog] x 8.

Knitting Up Wraps .
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How to do right-leaning decrease known as Knit 2 Together

2013-01-31 · Then do whatever the pattern says next. – *Knit to last 3 sts before marker, ssk, k1, sl m, k1, k2tog; rep from * 3 times more This is a very common description of raglan decreases, though the * is often used to describe something that needs to be repeated.

In this DROPS video we show how to decrease by knitting 5 stitches together. Knit 5 tog as follows: K 5, pass them back on left needle, pass the next to last

Thus, "k2, p2", means "knit two stitches, purl two stitches". In this video we will show you how to slip 1, knit 2 together and pass the slip stitch over, known as sl1, k2tog, psso. This makes a neat double decrease. Knitting Up Wraps . At some point in your short row knitting, you will knit across all the stitches of the row again, which means you will come to the stitches you wrapped.

1417 likes · 59 talking This pattern uses just 1, that is k (or K) this is an easy one and simply means knit! The pattern for these  Feb 26, 2018 Knitting instructions say knit 4 tog tbl ( I don't know what that means). can you explain. When you first start working with knitting patterns, you'll notice that they seem to S; sc—single crochet; S2KP—slip two tog, knit one, pass two slip stitches over  Buy Heat Holders - Men's Thermal Heat Weaver Knitted 2.3 Tog Winter Gloves: Shop top fashion brands Cold Weather Gloves at Amazon.com ✓ FREE  Aug 21, 2019 Dig deep into the most colorful techniques in knitting with this don't be deterred by the abbreviations. the TOG crochet abbreviation is simply  In this section, we begin a series of articles about various cluster stitches, with the help of which you can create interesting textures and add bright accents to  Knitting with Icelandic wool.